How to Activate Beast Mode on the Galaxy S10 Tips

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in Samsung. They start buying Samsung smart-phone to use its updated applications. There are many applications which do not offer by any other kind of smart-phone but Samsung. Beast mode, for instance, is only available on the Samsung device. Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of Samsung phone model which offers Beast mode. Then, how to activate Beast mode on Galaxy S10 manually? Well, let’s know more your Galaxy S10 by reading some tips in this following detail!

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Simple ways of how to activate beast mode on the Galaxy S10

Activating beast mode is easy to do. You just have to follow these tips about how to activate beast mode on the Galaxy S10 below!

1. Settings

Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone. Tap ‘About device’. Then, you need to click ‘Build number’. Click it seven times. After that, go to the ‘Developer options’. There are many choices but let you think of turn off three animations. They are ‘Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animation duration scale’.

2. Accessibility

Go to ‘Accessibility’ and select ‘Dexterity and interaction’. Tap and hold display to turn it off. Then, go back to the ‘Accessibility’ and find ‘Answering and ending calls’. Choose ‘using voice commands’; activate it. Voilà! You got your Samsung Galaxy’s beast mode activated!

Why need to activate beast mode on your Galaxy

Anyway, do you wonder why some people really want to make their Galaxy to be on beast mode? Well, the facts, there will be some benefits you get by activating beast mode on your device. What are they?

1. The battery

Having your device in beast mode really will save your battery. Even your battery’s device is on a 4000 mAh battery, you may use the phone for two days without charging it. Wonderful, is it right? This is because your phone will include the additional 25% reduction in battery consumption once It is in beast mode.

2. The performance

Have you ever felt frustrated about finding your phone works slowly? Well, this will never happen if you activate the beast mode in your Samsung. Beast mode may make your device performs very fast even you have much data and applications downloaded.

3. The network

Not only the performance of the phone fast but also its data connection. You will never experience such a long loading when you are playing games on your phone. Congratulations for gamers! You must be happy playing games using Galaxy after it has been in beast mode.

Yep! That’s a little bit info about how to activate beast mode on the Galaxy S10 which may be useful for you who need it. Let’s see in another chance in a different topic about Adaptive Power Saving Mode !

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