Galaxy S10 Battery Life at a Glance with Other S10 Series

The Galaxy S10 battery life is one of the things that customers will look in for it. For a simple reason, battery life will affect phone life and how they will use it. If battery life is good for multitasking, the user will be so happy because it is useful. Since nowadays life can be so much easier by using the smartphone, the battery hours issue should be considered. This is also applicable to knowing. Galaxy S10 Battery life issue that you can consider before buying it.

Galaxy S10 Battery Life

Galaxy S10 Battery Life at a Glance

The original series of S10 packs with a 3400 mAh battery. For basic multitasking, this battery life will last long. But if you do some more activities that consume much power such as gaming, watching music or video and having video call may drain the battery worsen. But if you are not really to these entertainment things, your battery can last up to 24 hours using your battery mode saving.

The battery life also depends on the brightness of the screen that you use. The brighter the screen means the more power that will decrease the power of the battery. Especially for the S10 battery issue, gaming becomes the biggest resource that can drain around 20% per hour of gaming performance. Not only due to the game graphic, but also the internet connection that will work hard for that game.

What about the Other S10 Series?

As we know that S10 does not only have one series only. There are other series namely S10e, S10+, and the S10 5G. Three of these series have different battery capacity compared to the ordinary S10.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e has less power than S10 because it packs with only 3100 mAh. While for the Galaxy S10+ has 4100 mAh. With this power of the battery, you can do more gaming, watching videos or make a live content in your social media. This is generally suitable for those who work through the internet, particularly social media.

The Samsung Galaxy 10 5G battery has the biggest power of battery among all of them. The S10 5G type has 4500 mAh which becomes one of the best battery life of smartphone this year. Following Samsung’s motto called all day intelligent battery, these series is the best if you look for best battery power.

To make you Galaxy S10 battery life goes well when you use it, make sure you activate the adaptive power-saving mode. This will make you charge less so you don’t need to worry about the battery issue anymore.


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