Galaxy S10 Colors: 4 Exclusive Colors of Extraordinary Samsung Smartphone

The upcoming Samsung product is still the Galaxy version called Galaxy S10. The Galaxy S10 colors vary that you can choose. This S10 also has its three different versions. They are the S10, S10e, and S10 which has almost similar color variety. Some colors are applicable for some version of Samsung Galaxy S10 series. Before you choose your next color of this advanced phone, you need to know the color provided by Samsung.

Galaxy S10 Colors

Galaxy S10 Colors: 4 Basic Colors of S10 Series

Four basic colors are available for all S10 series. It means that you can find these colors in Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+.

  1. Prism white

The first color is called prism white. This is the color that Samsung offers using the good balance of flash style of white without overdoing it. Although it’s flashy, it will not hurt the eyes because there is some soft white back glass. This color is suitable for you who loves simple but luxury design. Compared to other designs, white prism has a unique sense and not too flashy.

  1. Prism black

The next color offered by Samsung for their Samsung Galaxy S10 is the prism black. This black color is so stylish and so classy. This kind of color is suitable for those who love the black color with exclusive. This black color is so stylish and seems to be a calm color.

  1. Prism Blue

If you have seen the S9 series that also has a blue color, you may know how this blue color looks like. It’s almost similar compared to S9, but there is some difference. The blue color in S10 is more into glassy. There is a different blue as the frame. So it would be perfect for those who love the aesthetic color for the phone.

  1. Prism Green

The last color that available in Galaxy S10 is prism green. The green color has modified with glassy style so it becomes the most eye-catching color in this series. Unfortunately, it will not be available in the U.S.

Other colors

There some colors that are available for a particular type. Galaxy S10 5G edition has other color choices, they are crown silver, royal gold, and majestic black. These colors are so unique with the design that Samsung has made. While S10e also has another color called canary yellow. And for the S10+ and S10+ Performance Edition, there will be two additional premium colors. Those are the ceramic black and ceramic white.

Those are all about the Galaxy S0 colors that you should know. Wishfully it can help to find out the right color for you.

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