Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS : Let’s Compare These Super Phones

This year, the smartphone industry trend is about to compare the Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS. These two products from global smartphone lead business companies are currently becoming a trending topic because they both just come up this year with full of surprise. These two rival business companies keep advancing their product into a higher level for the consumer. And Here’s the information of the review between Samsung Galaxy S10 and Apple iPhone XS to help you decide which one the right for you.

Galaxy s10 vs iphone xs

Galaxy S10 VS iPhone XS: Comparison at a Glance

We will start to compare them with the design and physical appearance. Both are almost similar in design, but the S10 is longer also lighter. From the screen, the S10 also has longer screen compared to this newest Apple product. Both also have a similar AMOLED system. The only difference is that iPhone XS has a slower system. They both also support HDR10, but the Galaxy S10 support the first HDR10+ in the history of the smartphone. About the screen quality, it seems that S10 beat Apple’s product this time.

Camera and Battery Comparison

For the telephoto system, both have a great rear camera but the lens of Galaxy S10 is better. But from the quality of the camera overview, Apple wins it. One of the best things about iPhone XS is a great performance for photography.

While for the Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS battery, they both have a difference. We know that Samsung Galaxy S10 packs with 3400 mAh for the battery. While the XS has less power, it is 2,658mAh. Although Samsung seems has the greater power of the battery, remember that Samsung has a longer screen which means it will consume more battery power too. But Apple has fast charged and can charge only 30 minutes for 50%.

Other things to compare

Before you buy it, you should know the OS that they use. This time, Apple uses high-end chipset which usually beats the latest Snapdragon version. While for the storage, Samsung has two choices for this one, they are the 128 GB and the 512 GB with additional microSD card. IPhone itself has three choices, the 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB but without the external memory slot.

And the last thing you may know is the comparison of the price. It seems that Samsung has a cheaper price. With 8GB RAM and 128 GB of storage, it is only around $900. The iPhone XS starts from $1000 for the 64 GB of the storage.

That’s all about the Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS comparison. You may use this information to consider which one you should buy.

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