How to Hide the Front Camera (Hole) on Samsung S 10 Tutorials

Having a smart-phone like Samsung S 10 must be such a pleasing thing for anyone including you. That is because Samsung S 10 is one of the catchy, cool and updated phone types. Even, now, Samsung has a new “hole-punch” design on the front-facing camera. However, most of the people dislike its display. Therefore, they look for ways of how to hide the front camera (hole) on Samsung S 10 directly. Actually, there are two ways to disguise the hole punch on your phone. What are they? Well, let’s discuss it below!

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The First Option of How to Hide the Front Camera (Hole) On Samsung S 10

The easiest way to hide the hole on your Samsung device is by turning it off. Go to your Setting. Choose Display and then, select Full-Screen Applications. On the very top choice, you will see the ‘Hide front camera’ option. Toggling it on is how to hide the front camera (hole) on Samsung S 10; surely easy, right? However, there are many disadvantages you will get.

1. A thicker bezel up top

There will be a thicker bezel appears on the top of your phone’s screen. This may make your phone display disproportionate. That is because there won’t be any display placement for it.

2. The black bar

Whenever you want to access applications including games and Firefox web browser, for instance, there will be the black bar available. This black bar even exists in a full mode when accessing the video or camera.

Although there are many minus points you will get, still, this first option is the easiest way anyone can do.

Another way to hide hole on your Samsung S 10

If you do not want to sacrifice any infinity screen on your phone for some reasons, you might go for this step. All you need to do is just by downloading wallpapers to disguise the cutout. You might the appropriate wallpapers on the PlayStore. Well, you may also go to the sub reddit r/S10 wallpapers. There, you might download the wallpaper you like most. Then, go to the Settings menu and select Wallpapers and Themes. Find the favorite photo in your Gallery, and set it as your wallpaper or lock screen. It is only a matter of time that Samsung will offer more creative wallpapers.

Well, that’s all about how to hide the front camera (hole) on Samsung Galaxy S. Feel free to choose one which you think is good for you. Hopefully, Samsung will update a new look on S 10 phone model.

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