Four Basic Matters of How to Improve Camera Quality on Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 is a new phone that comes with the great quality of features. One of them is the camera. With it, you can take so many attractive and beautiful pictures. With this feature, do you know how to improve camera quality on Samsung Galaxy S10? If you do not know it yet, let’s see the tips below.

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The Important Matters How to Improve Camera Quality on Samsung Galaxy S10

In order to get the improvisation of the camera quality on your Samsung Galaxy S10, you need to master four basic matters. What are they? Yea, here are the important matters that you should know.

  1. Flash

The first matter that you should master is using a flash. You can use it by starting with the top menu. Just tap the icon of flash lightning. It is used to set the flash to auto, on, or off.

  1. Timer

The stopwatch icon sets the timer to a specified number of seconds. It will make the phone wait many seconds after pressing the shutter button to take photos.

  1. HDR

You need to know that HDR is also called as High Dynamic Range. It shows the ratio of light and dark in your shots. In this case, you are suggested to use HDR for landscape shots, low light shots, and shots with a lot of sunlight.

  1. Effect

This kind of button can give your photos a unique look. You can do it by tapping the icon of Effect and select the filter that you want.

Two Camera Features that are Offered on Samsung Galaxy S10

For the additional information, there are also two camera features on Samsung Galaxy S10. Do you want to know it? Please give your good attention to these features below!

  1. Picture size

This kind of feature will help you to control the size of the picture that is taken by the camera. It means that you can raise or lower the value to increase or decrease the file size of each image.

  1. Video size

This feature will control the quality of videos that you shoot. You can also decrease and increase the video size. Then, you can shoot video up to 4K quality at higher frame rates.

Well, those are the great information about basic matters of how to improve camera quality on Samsung Galaxy S10. Besides, there is also information about the camera features of this phone. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you. Just try it!

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