Samsung Galaxy S10 Review : Is This Device Worth ?

Nowadays, more and more people are getting interested in Samsung. They start buying a Samsung device because its applications get updated as well. This recent day, Samsung launched its new smart-phone, Galaxy S10. This phenomenal phone has even its own Samsung Galaxy S10 review Reddit about its great design and feature. Even though being famous, it is affordable. It is just $794. You may buy it at Walmart. Anyway, Galaxy S10 indeed has several advantages but it does possess minus sides. Let’s talk about Galaxy S10 review from many people here in this following detail !

Galaxy S10 Review

Galaxy S10 Review: The Advantages of S10 Smart-phone

Why do people love using a Samsung device? That is because it offers the user several benefits. So does the Galaxy S10. Let’s check it below!

  1. Fingerprint In-Display

Do you hate your phone is getting used by your friends without permission? That thing will never happen on your S1o smart-phone. It features fingerprint in-display so that anyone except you might not be able to unlock the phone. The fingerprint existed really works.

  1. Camera

Do you love capturing pictures? Or do you love taking a selfie? Then, you must be happy with Galaxy S10. Its front camera has 10-megapixel resolution with ‘zoom’ and ‘spin’ supporting items. Since Samsung has artificial intelligence technology, your photos will look cooler.

  1. 1 TB (Terabyte) Storage Capacity

When you watch galaxy S10 review YouTube, you will notice that S10 has 1 TB storage. This must be useful to save some videos and pictures.

  1. Fast performance

The use of new chipset, Exynos dan Snapdragon, makes this phone works fast. Therefore, you will not feel frustrated about playing heavy games.

Galaxy S10 Minus Sides

Every device will require some minus sides but it does not disturb too much. What are its disadvantages? They are:

  1. Weak Bixby

Do you hate writing? Then you could use Bixby to find the answer for specific questions. Its function is like a Google assistant. However, it is still weak. That is why people choose not to use Bixby.

  1. Low battery

Even though it is 4.100 mAh, it does not stay long. However, it is still cool since it has fast wireless charging. Therefore, you may be able to charge your phone without using any charger.

  1. Slippery body

Samsung designs S10 in a slippery body. This may be bad for you because you could anytime fall it down if you are not careful in holding it.

Finally, due to its affordable price and great features offered, it is good enough to buy Galaxy S10. For knowing more about Galaxy S10 review, you could read the next article here.

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