How to Shoot Super Steady Videos on Samsung Galaxy S10

Are you Samsung Galaxy S10 lover? If so, you are so lucky since there are so many modern features you can enjoy from this device. One of the greatest features exists on this phone is the camera. From this feature, you can make a super steady video. To know how to shoot super steady videos on Samsung Galaxy S10 is your homework if you need to make it. If you do not know the ways to make it, you can follow the guidelines below.

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Four Steps to Shoot Super Steady Videos on Samsung Galaxy S10

To shoot Super Steady Videos on Samsung Galaxy S10, you can only do four steps. It is so simple, isn’t it? Well, you can do the ways below whenever you need to shoot a steady video.

  1. Open the Camera

On the apps tray, you can find the camera app. After you find it, just tap on it to open this app. After that, you can follow the next step.

  1. Tap on the Video recording icon

On the camera app, you will see a Video recording icon. So, just tap on it.

  1. Enable the Super steady

After you tap on the video recording icon, you will see the Super Steady option. From this option, you can enable it.

  1. Start to shoot video.

When this feature is enabled, you can enjoy this feature to shoot a super steady video every time you want. So, just start recording after you finish enabling it when you want to have a new experience of super steady videos.

The Specs of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

With the great feature, include a super steady video; it is interesting to know about this camera specs. Here they are.

  1. 12 MP

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 12 MP camera. It is the main sensor that is completed by an aperture lens.

  1. 16 MP

Besides the main sensor, the Galaxy S10 also contains a 16 MP camera. It supports the main sensor performance. It can support a super wide size, aperture f1.9, and also the field of view 123 degrees.

  1. 13 MP

The last, this device contains a 13 MP camera. It is completed with F2.4. This spec can be said as the optic zoom.

Considering that you may need to make super steady videos while needed, you have to know the right ways. In this matter, the guidelines of how to shot super steady videos on Samsung Galaxy S10 can help so much. Have a nice try.

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